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People often expect dental care to be expensive, but if you’re well prepared and plan for any work that may need doing in the future, you can avoid any unnecessary cost! Our dental payment options can help not only your smile, but your bank balance too. You can find out more details below…


Can you offer any dental plans to help with payment of treatment?

Yes. We can arrange to collect payment at every visit; this will be an amount which will be equally divided across your dental visits so that by the end of your treatment the payment will be complete at 0% interest


Are there any dental schemes?

Yes. We offer our bespoke insurance plan – DPAS. This has four different grades of fees that will be paid monthly ranging from £10.30 to £31.99; your grade will be decided by your prescribing dentist.


2 thoughts on “The Costs Of Dental Care”

  • Debbie

    How much would it cost for a single bridge tooth please

  • Charles Street Dental Clinic

    Hi debbie its approx 600-1000 pounds depending on style and type
    if you wish to book in please call 01646692215 and request for an appointment for a consultation with mike shaw this will cost 30 pounds

    any more questions please ask



    Charles Street Dental

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